Message from Al

Another best ever again.

Weather was good, a little warm.

Thanks to everyone that played and listened.

Let’s do it again next year.


Happy Baystock.

Alert from Al

Keep your eyes open for signs of Post Baystock Depression.  Don’t worry, this is normal, you will be ok.


  • As Baystock comes to a close, a vague feeling of being lost begins to set in.  It can start Saturday night, but commonly occurs Sunday afternoon.  This can go on for days or months, but usually disappears within a year.
  • Click here for the Post Baystock Blues poem by Kenny


  • Watch videos and look at photos on
  • Make a list of things forgot this year
  • Start packing for next year
  • Set up a tent and sleep in it for a week
  • Wear the same clothes for three days in a row
  • Walk aimlessly through the woods wearing a Walkman
  • Sit by a campfire
  • Drink, smoke, phone a friend
  • Wait patiently, good things come to those who wait

Bill Strehle, age 69, of Deer Park, WI/Inver Grove Heights, MN, passed away on August 10, 2023, in the comfort of his own home.

He is preceded in death by his parents, Wilbur Joseph and Eva Marja (Franaszek) Strehle.

Bill is survived by his wife, Deb; children, Grace Strehle and Jill (Michael) Chang; grandchildren, Wyatt, Camden and Mia; sister, Sarah “Bobbie” (Mark) Spieser; nephew, Aaron; niece, Mari; and close friends, Dan Estrem, Paul Picard, Dave Sager, Greg Johnson, Keith Hansen and Bud Uphoff; special friends up at Baystock.

Bill was born on April 6, 1954, in Great Lakes-Shields Township, IL, to Wilbur Joseph and Eva Marja (Franaszek) Strehle and later was raised in Milwaukee, WI.

He enjoyed playing his guitar and loved music, riding motocross in his younger days, and could fix anything and everything.

From Deb:

Bill’s life will be celebrated with a Send Off from 1-4 PM with a time of sharing starting at 2 PM, Saturday, October 28, 2023

We’re trying as much as possible to make BILLSTOCK’s RSVP’s as electronic as possible. I really do need a head count by end of September. Many invites have gone out already if I had a cell phone number or email address. If you are interested in coming and you haven’t received an invite yet, please contact me via email and I’ll make sure the email goes out.

Howdy Baystockers,
We just got done with a productive work weekend.  The entrance driveway has been improved with gravel, etc. Thanks Viking Motors, Dan Maki and Greg Belanger. Just because it’s better, don’t go fast. There are slow children at play, and I mean us!
The benches in the bowl have been worked on and the seating is good. The outhouses and shower are vacuumed and cleaned, and are ready for their intended purposes. There was a lot of weed whacking and firewood gathering.  So thanks to everyone that pitched in, and we’ll see everyone soon.
Happy Baystock,

This year’s poster and swag art is pretty cool. Lana worked with new artist and came out with a great piece.

We also want to thank everyone who submitted suggestions for this year’s art, through Facebook,. Some great stuff and ideas that Lana will use for the next couple  of years.


Dark   Phantom Tick 
9:30   It Came From the Shed 
7:30   Meeting at the Fire 
8:30   Al Radley and Friends 
10:30 Ringtones 
12:00 Flying Fellini and the Philosophers 
11:00 Beware of Doug 
12:30 Char 
2:00   Shane Nelson 
3:30   Molly and the Danger Band 
5:00   Super D and the Double Chucks 
6:00   Group Photo 
6:30   Welcome Drive 
8:30   Lloyds 
10:00 Nine10 
11:30 Port City Limit 

12:00 Laughing Fox 
1:30   Dinah 
1:45   Charbara 
3:00   Mark Rossow 
4:30   IDK 
6:00   Low Hanging Fruit 
7:30   Babie Eyes 
9:00   Lloyds 
10:30 The Square Neck Devils

We are getting everything ready for Baystock 2023. Lana is working on the new art for the wearables, Al’s getting the line up ready, Sue is helping me get some things to update the web site and everyone, of course, is welcome to come to work weekend, which is two weekends before Baystock.

You can start re-living Baystock by checking out the photos and videos from past years, including 2022, on the web site: Click the button below. More info to come.

Baystock Andy