Post Baystock Blues

PBD, the Baystock Blues 

Now it’s two o’clock in the morning And I’m not by a fire with my friends The stars are still out, and they’re beautiful But that always how Baystock ends

They stage has gone quiet, but plays on in my mind Reverberating, right through to my soul The ballads, and love songs, and stories in rhyme Watching people named ‘Teep’ rock and roll 

There’s nothing quite like it, you know if you’ve been And you know it will happen, again and again You love every minute, and hold to each day But then comes the Monday, and you know you can’t stay

It’s the Post-Baystock Blues, baby, and it’s kicking our asses But there’s photos, and memories, and these cool backstage passes We’ll just look to next year; it can’t be that long If you weren’t sad to leave, you’re doing it wrong

– Kenny Carson