It’s easy to take things for granted when they’ve always been a part of your life.  I live in a beautiful forest next to a beautiful lake and I see it everyday.  So it becomes normal.  And still most days I say to myself, good god this is beautiful.

The same goes for Baystock.  It’s a part of our lives.  It seems normal.  You see it every year.  And it’s beautiful.  This is a special gathering.  And I think you all feel it.

It want to thank everyone for coming and for helping out.  Without you, Baystock would not be possible.  It was the best Baystock ever, again.

See you next Baystock,  Al

Happy Baystock Everyone! 

Baystock 2022 is fast approaching. Work weekend is two weekends before Baystock. If you would like to help with maintenance and fixing benches, please come and get a great experience of pre-stock.

We hope to have the schedule out, very soon. so keep an eye for more emails with the schedule and other updates.

Another somber note

We lost two very special souls, this year. Both very much part of Baystock. Everyone who has known John and Ric, know that we will not be the same.

Ric Gillman passed away in April. Ric had performed at Baystock, for many years and was a huge part of the music scene, around the area.. Click here

John Gray passed away in April. John’s guitars can be found world wide. You have and will continue to hear his guitars at Baystock. Click here

Public Service Message: 

Unfortunately, Covid is still a problem so be kind to your neighbors.  Try not to be a space invader and don’t make others uncomfortable. With freedom comes responsibility.  Please get vaccinated. Also, to minimize large groups, we will not have the Coffee Shop, Wine and Cheese, or the shared mobile phone booster.

PBD, the Baystock Blues 

Now it’s two o’clock in the morning
And I’m not by a fire with my friends
The stars are still out, and they’re beautiful
But that always how Baystock ends

They stage has gone quiet, but plays on in my mind
Reverberating, right through to my soul
The ballads, and love songs, and stories in rhyme
Watching people named ‘Teep’ rock and roll 

There’s nothing quite like it, you know if you’ve been
And you know it will happen, again and again
You love every minute, and hold to each day
But then comes the Monday, and you know you can’t stay

It’s the Post-Baystock Blues, baby, and it’s kicking our asses
But there’s photos, and memories, and these cool backstage passes
We’ll just look to next year; it can’t be that long
If you weren’t sad to leave, you’re doing it wrong

– Kenny Carson

We just had a work Friday.  Mark and Moon brought a bucket truck.  We fastened the light bar to the stage post and did a few other improvements.

Work Weekend is coming up. As allways, it will be two weekends before Baystock. The plan is to work on benches in the bowl, gather firewood, weedwhacking and mowing.  Everyone is welcome to camp out with us and spruce up the woods for Baystock.

Andy has done an awesome job updating the website,, and Bill at baystocklightshow on youtube has incredible videos from Baystocks past.  Thanks everyone for helping, Happy Baystock, Al

As usual, work weekend was very successful. The sound and light booth is completely rebuilt.  It came out great.  A big thanks to everyone that helped. Carpenter Jeff and Donny’s tractor were invaluable.   

We decided not to have stage lights or music after dark, so Mike and I made an 18 ft by 12 ft movie screen and hung it from the stage ceiling.  We showed movies every night.  We showed Blues Brothers, Woodstock, The Wall, and a Grateful Dead concert.  It was a good way to feel together, still social distance or stay in our own covid pod. 

During the day on Saturday and Sunday we had some live music from the stage.  We had Super D and the Double Chucks, American Ego, the Ringtones, Al Radley solo and Laughing Fox. 

Lana had shirts and bandanas, the food court was open.  We had no showers, no Wine and Cheese, and the group photo was one guy on the stage.  No group activities.  Despite this damn-demic, we all really had a great time.   

Hopefully next year things will be like the before times.  That’s what we’re aiming for.  So hang in there, stay safe, and be kind. 

Thanks everyone, see you next year,   AL

With great sadness in my heart, after much consideration and deliberation, Baystock has been officially cancelled for 2020.  Covid has claimed another victim.

I don’t like it, but it is probably the wise thing to do.

There will be no scheduled live music.  I have talked with a lot of people over the last few days and everyone is disappointed, but no one is surprised.  To Baystockers who might be camping, please be kind to your neighbors and keep yourself safe.  Perhaps a better word than cancelled is postponed until 2021.

The goal is to live to fight another day.  Stay well and stay safe, see you all soon, Al

This year, we will have a shortened Baystock. We will only have bands on Saturday and Sunday.

We ask everyone to observe social distancing and the use of face coverings. Especially, when we are in a group environment, or other people’s campsites.

We will also be missing several things, this year. We will not have the Coffee Shop, Showers, Wine and Cheese, or the shared mobile phone booster.

We will have Daphne’s food court and Lana’s Shirt Shack.

We will also be having our Group Meeting, but it will be in the bowl, in front of the stage.

The Group Photo will be Taken from the fire pit, down to the bowl, so people can be distanced from each other.

If you are in one of the bands, please bring your own microphone.

Thank you for making it a safe and enjoyable Baystock 2020!

We did it again.  So many people have told me Baystock 2019 was the best ever, and I agree.  We had great music, great weather, and great people.  Thanks to everyone who cleared downed trees, came to work weekend, and maintained the infrastructure.  Also thanks to everyone for cleaning up Baystockland.  On Wednesday, Sue and I searched the grounds for trash and found nothing.  Not one piece of trash.  Thanks so much, Happy 40th Baystock.  This year, we all arrived at the right place at the right time.  As Carlos Santana says, the universe conspired to give us something, and we were open to receive it.  Later,  Al