From Al:

Happy Baystock Everyone,  2016 was the best Baystock ever, again.  We made it the whole weekend without rain.  This was probably because we have a roof on the stage.  Thanks to everyone who helped out in any way.  This is definitely a group effort of immense proportion.  There are a lot of photos posted here, so enjoy. 

Thanks again, 


Howdy Everyone,
Baystock 2015 is fast approaching.  36 years.  Amazing.  Work weekend is this weekend, August 22nd and 23rd.  If you can make it, there is alwaysn a lot to do.  And it is always a lot of fun.
Some of the things on the list are:
– Gather firewood – we cut down some dead treees last weekend so we need to haul the wood to the main fire.
– Weed wack and clear brush.
– Move benches and fire pit.
– We’re building a staging area (green room) by the stage to make it easier for bands and equipment to come and go.
– Patch up the outhouses.
– Stain the new shower and haul the old one to the fire.
– Drink beer.
Thanks everyone for all you do.  Baystock is about music, but it’s also about people.  Love to all,  Al

Wow, are there some great improvements, this year. The stage was torn apart, properly adjusted and re-fitted with a new floor. Also, the old shower was taken down and a new one has been put up!

During the work weekend, the stage gave up a bounty of old cans of corn, as well as bees! Yes, not only ticks, but also bees, for 2014!

Click here for some before and after photos:

Message from Al:  “Thank you to everyone who came out to work weekend.  A lot got done.  Reinforcement and new top on the stage, and the shower is on the way.  Thanks to all”

Well, here we are. Getting ready for Baystock 2014. Rumor has it that the deer ticks are in full force. So, bring  plenty of repellent, and make sure you don’t burn the place down (I know some of you may take some desperate actions).

As many of you know, a few years ago, a decision was been made to buy the land out of the state program, and save our trees. To do this, we needed pay the back taxes, since the land was entered into the state program, amounting to about $22,000. Well, that full amount has been paid off.  Thank you all, for your contributions towards the freedom of Baystockland. They have been sincerely appreciated.

About the work weekend: Al says “there is a lot of work to do”. The official Baystock work weekend is two weeks prior to Baystock.  It involves power tools and beer.  The big projects are a new shower and a new floor for the stage.  The support beams for the stage were 40 years old in 1993 so we’re not sure what it will look like under the plywood.  We may have to replace some beams also.  There more specifics from Al about what people might bring (weedwhackers, drills, shovels, beer, imported beer etc.) as they come in.

If you re interested in helping out, contact Andy, with your contact info, and I’ll make sure your name gets to Al. 

This last year, we lost a great friend. Dave Sky found his way to Baystock, and remained one of the most treasured people and artist, we have ever had. We will truly miss him. Baystock will not be the same, without Dave. Head over to the Dave Sky page to see some of his performances, from last year.

Hello, fellow Baystockers. Another Baystock (best ever!)

We survived a couple of storms and enough bees to call this year’s event, Beestock.
Thanks to Don and Kenny, for putting up some photos from this year, on the web site. Make sure to check them out.
Also have a time-lapse movie of the Wine and Cheese. Thanks to everyone who participated. It’s a great social event, and we all get to try out some awesome food and drink.
We’ll have ore stuff to share, in the weeks to come, so stay tuned.
Happy Baystock!

Teresa’s new Facebook profile picture says it all. Happy Baystock!

Can’t say what the weather will be like, this year, but I would pack extra clothes. 

We have this year’s line-up on the web site (, so make sure to check it out. Some old names, new names and regulars. Gotta love them all!

Also have posted some old Baystock posters, you can take a look at, along with photos and videos. We will try to get more content up on the site, as we get closer to this year’s Baystock.

Happy Baystock,


Well, another success. Lots of new faces which we know will return again and again. One weekend per year, where we all have 300 friends (Great quote, Dave!).

The volatile weather was manageable and barely noticeable, as we just enjoyed the music and friends.
We already have some great photos on the site (thanks Don and Kenny). Kenny also got some really good recordings. Check out the web site (, and click on the “Music” link on top, then “Live at Baystock – 2011”. If you have photos or videos to share, simply reply to this email and I will set up an email address and web page where you can upload or send your photos. I’ll make it really easy, I promise.
I don’t have a lost and found list yet (I got my belt back though, thanks Sue!). If you found something, let me know. If you lost something, let me know.
Cookie lady had a great idea for the site. We will set up a place where people can share old Baystock stories. Oh, and yes, Bruce is still with us :)
Save the date for another concert. Char will be performing at Judson Church, in Minneapolis, On Saturday, December 3rd at 7PM. Check the calendar on the web site for more info. If you or your band has an event, you can add it to the calendar (Select “Events” and the “Add new event”, in the calendar page). I am also going to add a band link page. Please send me your web site address if you want to be added.
Until next time.
Happy Baystock,

I have bad news and great news about the logging job that happened by Baystockland.  The bad news is, it happened.  Picture a line that runs from right before the main entrance through Murray’s campsite, everything towards Butterfield Road from this line has been select cut.  The selecting part of the cut left all our huge pines and most of the smaller pines standing.  In between these lonely standing giants are all the other tree tops and brush. This makes simply walking through the woods here nearly impossible without some clearing and clean up.  Everyone, even if they are not camping in this area should bring a chainsaw, hatchet or handsaw.  If possible, a pickup truck, wheelbarrow or a pair of gloves to help distribute this amazingly free firewood to campsites would be helpful.

The great news is, we had the best logger ever for this cut.  His name is Mike Kurilla, he lives in Mason.  He found evidence of our “great civilization” and was painstakingly careful not to disturb fire rings, woods piles, and what he determined to be existing campsites.  He moved brush away from all the roads so every one is drivable.  He did not cut trees in strategic places such as near the fire ring, or the support tree that helps hold up the stage tarp.  He did not disturb any benches in the bowl.  The old sound booth is still there.  He worked really hard with the county to minimize impact for us.
We really are lucky, this could have been so much more drastic and inconvenien

And possibly no more firewood runs for the rest of our natural lives, more like a firewood amble.  The land on the opposite side of Butterfield has been logged also.  We have been harvesting tree slices and stumps to make tables, longer oak cuts for support beams, the possibilities are endless.
The spot looks very different, we can see the sunset from our campsite.  We can practically see the license plates of cars on Butterfield.  After the initial shock, it’s really not that bad.

Duwayne did buy his property out of the county program to save it from logging.  As people see what could have happened to our entire happy party ground, hopefully we will be able to garner further donations to help him pay off his loan.

Howdy Campers,

30 years, and it keeps getting better.  Amazing.

This year we had the full moon, perfect weather and great music.  There were many faces stuck in a 3 day smile.  Many people spend a lot of time and energy working on things like:

sound, lights, generator, security, work weekenders, shower, digging outhouses, hanging the stage tarp, firewood, t-shirts, wine, pottery, food, tikis, coffee, wine & cheese, face painting, trash and more . . .

I would like to offer a gigantic thank you to everyone for their hard work and kind hearts.  I would also like to thank everyone for expressing interest in saving the trees.  There is already a donation page on the website complete with thermometer so you can start to save the trees now.  It looks like there will be some up coming events to help raise money and have some off season fun too.  Andy will help keep us all informed.

Thanks again and Happy Baystock,  Al