Baystock 2022

Happy Baystock Everyone! 

Baystock 2022 is fast approaching. Work weekend is two weekends before Baystock. If you would like to help with maintenance and fixing benches, please come and get a great experience of pre-stock.

We hope to have the schedule out, very soon. so keep an eye for more emails with the schedule and other updates.

Another somber note

We lost two very special souls, this year. Both very much part of Baystock. Everyone who has known John and Ric, know that we will not be the same.

Ric Gillman passed away in April. Ric had performed at Baystock, for many years and was a huge part of the music scene, around the area.. Click here

John Gray passed away in April. John’s guitars can be found world wide. You have and will continue to hear his guitars at Baystock. Click here

Public Service Message: 

Unfortunately, Covid is still a problem so be kind to your neighbors.  Try not to be a space invader and don’t make others uncomfortable. With freedom comes responsibility.  Please get vaccinated. Also, to minimize large groups, we will not have the Coffee Shop, Wine and Cheese, or the shared mobile phone booster.