Happy Baystock 2018

This year’s schedule has been released. As you can see, we have added a couple more bands to the line-up, on Friday night. I wonder how long it will be, before this thing becomes a full week 🙂

Work weekend is the 18th and 19th. So, if you are handy and have tools, feel free to show up. There is always something to do. You don’t even need to be handy or have tools. Just come by for some prepping.

Short list of things to do:
– Gather firewood
– Weed wack and clear brush.
– Move benches and fire pit.
– Patch up the outhouses and other structures.
– Drink beer.

On a sad note, fellow Baystocker, Ryan Martin, passed away, this last May: http://cremationsocietyofmn.com/obituaries/ryan-keith-martin/