Post-stock 2011

Well, another success. Lots of new faces which we know will return again and again. One weekend per year, where we all have 300 friends (Great quote, Dave!).

The volatile weather was manageable and barely noticeable, as we just enjoyed the music and friends.
We already have some great photos on the site (thanks Don and Kenny). Kenny also got some really good recordings. Check out the web site (, and click on the “Music” link on top, then “Live at Baystock – 2011”. If you have photos or videos to share, simply reply to this email and I will set up an email address and web page where you can upload or send your photos. I’ll make it really easy, I promise.
I don’t have a lost and found list yet (I got my belt back though, thanks Sue!). If you found something, let me know. If you lost something, let me know.
Cookie lady had a great idea for the site. We will set up a place where people can share old Baystock stories. Oh, and yes, Bruce is still with us :)
Save the date for another concert. Char will be performing at Judson Church, in Minneapolis, On Saturday, December 3rd at 7PM. Check the calendar on the web site for more info. If you or your band has an event, you can add it to the calendar (Select “Events” and the “Add new event”, in the calendar page). I am also going to add a band link page. Please send me your web site address if you want to be added.
Until next time.
Happy Baystock,