Baystock 2014

Well, here we are. Getting ready for Baystock 2014. Rumor has it that the deer ticks are in full force. So, bring  plenty of repellent, and make sure you don’t burn the place down (I know some of you may take some desperate actions).

As many of you know, a few years ago, a decision was been made to buy the land out of the state program, and save our trees. To do this, we needed pay the back taxes, since the land was entered into the state program, amounting to about $22,000. Well, that full amount has been paid off.  Thank you all, for your contributions towards the freedom of Baystockland. They have been sincerely appreciated.

About the work weekend: Al says “there is a lot of work to do”. The official Baystock work weekend is two weeks prior to Baystock.  It involves power tools and beer.  The big projects are a new shower and a new floor for the stage.  The support beams for the stage were 40 years old in 1993 so we’re not sure what it will look like under the plywood.  We may have to replace some beams also.  There more specifics from Al about what people might bring (weedwhackers, drills, shovels, beer, imported beer etc.) as they come in.

If you re interested in helping out, contact Andy, with your contact info, and I’ll make sure your name gets to Al. 

This last year, we lost a great friend. Dave Sky found his way to Baystock, and remained one of the most treasured people and artist, we have ever had. We will truly miss him. Baystock will not be the same, without Dave. Head over to the Dave Sky page to see some of his performances, from last year.