A message from Al – 2009

Howdy Campers,

30 years, and it keeps getting better.  Amazing.

This year we had the full moon, perfect weather and great music.  There were many faces stuck in a 3 day smile.  Many people spend a lot of time and energy working on things like:

sound, lights, generator, security, work weekenders, shower, digging outhouses, hanging the stage tarp, firewood, t-shirts, wine, pottery, food, tikis, coffee, wine & cheese, face painting, trash and more . . .

I would like to offer a gigantic thank you to everyone for their hard work and kind hearts.  I would also like to thank everyone for expressing interest in saving the trees.  There is already a donation page on the website complete with thermometer so you can start to save the trees now.  It looks like there will be some up coming events to help raise money and have some off season fun too.  Andy will help keep us all informed.

Thanks again and Happy Baystock,  Al